Debtor’s Prison?

I had no idea that debtor’s prison still existed! It always struck me as counter-productive. A strategic pound of flesh

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, as it were, appropriate when a creditor has crossed over from caring about collecting to caring mainly about punishing in retaliation for what may never be collected. Can you imagine if we still had that in all states and for debts of all kinds? It might be worse than the ridiculous overstuffing of prisons via the drug war.

That aside, the big issue here is the lack of representation, which is so blatently wrong it’s amazing it’s taken this long to show up before the Supremes.

On the plus side, each year the deadbeat spends in prison is a year of supporting himself he doesn’t have to do

, so in that sense he benefits…

(I really need to add some categories if I am going to post regularly.)


Finally got the site upgraded. It’s now the latest WordPress, with a changed theme as well. I keep itching to post, reaching a crescendo with my recent discovery that the mother and stepfather of a friend are hip deep in Tea Party activism. Now I have no excuse.

There’s a bit more tweaking needed. The blogroll needs to be changed and expanded. The tagline needs work. Sad, since I thought of then forgot a good one. In any event, since we’re living in something of an unreality at the moment – have been, but it’s peaking – then the name of the blog is unexpectedly appropriate. Not sure how long the picture or even the theme will remain. It’s a lone blogger’s blog now (or so I expect – Deb still has an account

, but I killed the others, most never used). The categories need to be redone and expanded.

If nothing else. I hope to write a series of thoughts on different topics, hot or not. This should be interesting in that I am not a conservative, even though I tend to be identified with and relate well to them. The thing is, arguably most conservatives aren’t, depending on the stridency of your definition. It should also be interesting in that I hate any need to be defined or interpreted in proverbial sound bites.


, stay tuned…