Perfectly Fair

If Gwen Ifill were moderating the Obama/McCain debate, then that would make her impossibly partisan.

This is merely the Palin/Biden debate. How could she be impartial if her buddy isn’t in it? Not like the appearance of impropriety matters. And how could she possibly be doing anything inappropriate? She isn’t a Republican! Or even a conservative. Sheesh.

President Obama

Looking Forward to President Obama is a fantastic post over at CultureFeast. I especially like the way he pulled Def Leppard into it.

[Which in retrospect is laughable, but hindsight is like that. Who knew Obama would be an utter disaster? Who knew the debate would be between how much was intentional – brilliantly evil, perhaps – and how much of it was airheaded stupidity? At worst Jimmy Carter!? Who knew he’d make Carter look good? Just wow…]

Vinick for President

I loved The West Wing, despite the leanings of the President, who was, after all, sensible above all. I even enjoyed the final season – heck, maybe enjoyed it more than most of the run – and the Santos character.

However, I am not at all surprised with the poll findings cited at Cato, giving Vinick a landslide, even a lot of liberal support, by being a libertarian leaning republican. It would have been a brave and exciting thing to do, having him win. I’d have watched more seasons of that. But then, I’d have kept watching either way. I’d have just been more intrigued to see how they’d depict an administration from the wrong side of the aisle.

This is not the first mention I’ve seen of the eerie similarities between fiction and probable reality. Deb may even have been the first to mention it to me. It is the first I’ve seen that it was intentional, paving Obama’s way through a fictional minority candidate. That makes the similarities no accident, down to guessing, perhaps, that McCain could be the Republican nominee, abeit making the fictional version more appealing.

Anyway, see the link. It’s fascinating. That was basically all I’d intended to post, as I don’t have time to write at any length. Shocking I was able to generate a post of this length.

Mitt Kerry

I just came out with “Mitt Kerry” as a way to describe why Romney is such a bad idea that he makes mcCain look stolid and Presidential.

Then realized Kerry might possibly have been less panderiffic as President than I expect Romney to be.

The one positive about Romney is that he’s able to be a serious candidate despite being Mormon, much as it’s exciting that Clinton and Obama are serious candidates and could easily get that whole first woman or first black business out of the way so we can try to move on with people are all people and fuck history and any residual hang-ups. Heck, this even applies somewhat to McCain, with respect to age.

It just astonished me that I could conclude that Kerry, a “what were they thinking” candidate from the party if there ever was one, might have been preferable to Romney. And if I am thinking that, what does that say about Clinton and Obama? Would I really want Romney over either of them?

It’s a fascinating election, at any rate.

[I was sure I coined “panderiffic,” but Google seems to say otherwise, and this post doesn’t even come in the first few pages of results. Go figure. Also, seems funny how much I objected to Romney in 2008, in retrospect.]