Finally got the site upgraded. It’s now the latest WordPress, with a changed theme as well. I keep itching to post, reaching a crescendo with my recent discovery that the mother and stepfather of a friend are hip deep in Tea Party activism. Now I have no excuse.

There’s a bit more tweaking needed. The blogroll needs to be changed and expanded. The tagline needs work. Sad, since I thought of then forgot a good one. In any event, since we’re living in something of an unreality at the moment – have been, but it’s peaking – then the name of the blog is unexpectedly appropriate. Not sure how long the picture or even the theme will remain. It’s a lone blogger’s blog now (or so I expect – Deb still has an account, but I killed the others, most never used). The categories need to be redone and expanded.

If nothing else. I hope to write a series of thoughts on different topics, hot or not. This should be interesting in that I am not a conservative, even though I tend to be identified with and relate well to them. The thing is, arguably most conservatives aren’t, depending on the stridency of your definition. It should also be interesting in that I hate any need to be defined or interpreted in proverbial sound bites.

Anyway, stay tuned…

The Mosque

I just can’t believe the furor over the mosque planned near Ground Zero. Well, I can. What I can’t belive is how obscenely misguided so many people are on the topic, and that some of the statements made by one of the worst Presidents ever are correct, yet being shredded to bits.

Look… Everything about the planned mosque is stupid, misguided, and couldn’t be more provocative if it were intended thus. It probably is. The location. The name. The size. The press. The one-sided appeal to tolerance.

It is right to feel strongly about that.

However, it is not acceptable by any stretch to attempt to get government authorities at any level to stop it from being built. Period.

Being annoyed by it, sure. Calling for it and in your wildest dreams having any expectation of it being prevented, that is about as wrong as it gets. Protesting? Sure. To try to persuade the folks behind it that it’s a PR nightmare… assuming that their goal is not to be offensive. Using government power? No. It would be wrong even if it were constitutional.


It goes both ways.


Sometime Real Soon Now look for this place to get a makeover. I want very much to post here regularly, no holds barred, but WordPress needs to be updated, the look needs to be changed, and I don’t expect it to remain a group blog, but rather one reflecting my opinions and interests specifically. Stay tuned…

Appropriate for This Blog and Day

You Are Red

You are a highly passionate person, and you’d stand up and fight for anything you believe in.
You’re a lot like the founders of the United States. You are a bit of a revolutionary.

Like most modern Americans, you are have things you love and hate about the USA … and you’re not afraid to say what they are.
Keep expressing your opinion and acting to fix what’s wrong. People like you are what makes the USA great.

It’s About Trust

Via Glenn Reynolds, an interesting look at what we think of adultery in politicians, and in general, given the Mark Sanford political suicide.

I’d never really thought about it, but it makes sense that we elect people based on integrity and commitment – heck, willingness to do more than pay lip service to both law and norms – to one degree or another. If you are flagrant before the fact, that’s probably it for you, when it’s a marriage.

It doesn’t even matter whether you and your spouse are differently normed and have a relationship you might consider more open than others, or if your marriage has alteady undergone zombification. Public perception is everything.

It may be old-fashioned, but there it is.

After the fact? Then it’ll look bad, as with Clinton, but performance matters and, frankly, perception of your spouse and relationship matter as well. If yours is widely perceived as a marriage of power and convenience, the sting might be less. And even so, look at the frenzy over Monica.

It may not be right, but it’s reality. Speaking of which, Republicans need to tout less morality and more reality, if they are to have a chance.


I just noticed a brief commentary by someone I respect on the libertarian right, and I know there are many others, absolutely vehement against trade with Cuba.

On some level, I can see that. However, I can also see what has and has not worked there and elsewhere to liberalize things. I’m all for a change to engagement, in the case of Cuba.

Trouble is, that potentially messes with the sugar and corn lobbies in the United States.

The price of sugar is artificially propped up here, tied into the whole Cuba thing, and who is more involved in the US sugar industry than ex-pats. In turn, this creates demand for corn syrup as a substitute, and all that it implies, including suspicion of a connection to the “obesity epidemic.” I question the timing.

There are powerful forces who hear sweet music to their ears when they hear folks who might otherwise be onto them cheer on the continued economic embargo of Cuba.



Just like McCain-Feingold.

Just like the Kelo taking.

Not like the “conservative” Court is going to save us.

At least the draft can be reasonably argued as a sometimes necessary evil, despite it being the also unconstitutional slippery slope that’ll probably give the Supremes “justification” to roll over and play dead. Or illiterate, anyway.

Perfectly Fair

If Gwen Ifill were moderating the Obama/McCain debate, then that would make her impossibly partisan.

This is merely the Palin/Biden debate. How could she be impartial if her buddy isn’t in it? Not like the appearance of impropriety matters. And how could she possibly be doing anything inappropriate? She isn’t a Republican! Or even a conservative. Sheesh.