Still doing my little dance of happiness over the withdrawl of the Mitt.

I don’t think there’s a good way to express just what a mess that guy is. He was an awful governor, and I can’t imagine what he would have done with a whole country to beat up on.

On the Dem side, I’ve decided to cheer for Sen. Obama in the remainder of the primaries. A number of you may find that shocking. What’s interesting is my reasons, which goes beyond the exhaustion with the Clintons. I’ve decided to dislike him less than the others because he’s still new enough to maintain an awareness–or the illusion of an awareness–that at the other end of his policy decisions are real live people with real live lives. It’s always good to feel a little less like a pawn, whether it’s true or not.

What amuses me is that people think there’s any real difference between the lot. They’re all authoritarian socialist statist pricks.

I’m a lot less interested than I was before I gave up voting. Why I did that is an entirely separate post, but it has something to do with refusing to be a self-boiling cannibal frog.

Origins of that phrase if I can break away from work long enough later today.

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