Another lovely quirk some folks seem to have…

Is a belief in time machines. I’m all for personal responsibility, but there’s a difference between wanting folks to have to work forward in their lives from a bad spot with minimal or no government hand-holding (a thing which is getting more and more impossible the more we depend on the government for basic services) and wanting them to go back ten years and undo their lives. The second, being impossible, is just a nasty and spiteful thing to suggest.

We all make bad choices. Some of them work out anyway, some of them don’t. I have no problem with someone saying (to use an example that came up a decade or so ago in Minnesota), I don’t want to pay for your education just because you’re a single mother, as there’s a rational argument to be made about whether anyone should be paying for anyone else’s anything, and another to be made about the acceptable rationales therefore. What I object to is the more and more common formulation, well, then, you shouldn’t have had a kid, which not only contains a barrel of bad or possibly assumptions (how do we know she wasn’t widowed?), but shames the target based on them. I find this especially sad because why a person might find themselves in a bad situation has no bearing on whether they should be publicly funded in escaping it, but we enjoy the idea that we can punish the sluts and glorify the widows somehow through artful government, and that’s not at all what government is for.

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