Monthly Archive: April 2008

One of the saddest things I’ve seen in a while…

Was this woman on some morning show yesterday. I was sitting in a waiting room waiting to give someone a urine sample so that I could prove in advance of employment that I have not violated one of the many Politicians’ Full Employment Acts of the last half-century, and they introduced this lady who’s lost 100+ pounds so that they could all bow down before her awesome ability to starve herself.

So over an aural backdrop of brave tragic music, they had a recording of her stiltingly and scriptedly telling her tale of woe. Her mother? Fat! And an inadequate cook! And this daughter always swore that she’d never wind up like her mother, who partook of the bypass-gastric. So when the scales tripped a magic number she joined a gym

, and now has a marginally socially acceptable body AND got the joy of showing the nation exactly how much she hates her mother.

I did not ooh or aw or sigh at the appropriate points. *This* is the pinnacle of morality? *This* is what we are to idolize?

Not me. Not in this lifetime or the next or the one after that.

I’ve disagreed with him frequently over the years…

But I think Steve Verdon’s got this one pretty much dead right.

On top of all that, I generally like to point out the irony of the same folk who want people to stay in Mexico making it prohibitively expensive for them to do so by fucking up the entire world market for grain so they can feel better about their SUVs. It adds a nice touch to the whole issue

, I think.

It frightens me sometimes when I realize how *dumb* I must have sounded five years ago.

Fer chrissake, the fact that you find someone’s observations of you unflattering doesn’t make them untrue.

And sometimes an observation is just that. It doesn’t have to be hatred just because it came from the opposing party.

Obama scares me. The last time we had a genius-y president, things didn’t go so well. Oh, he can talk a fine line, if you’re into that sort of thing

, but can he run the thing? I’m not so sure. Because as the current uproar demonstrates, being able to see things isn’t always much of a job qualification. Not for that job.