Monthly Archive: August 2010

The Mosque

I just can’t believe the furor over the mosque planned near Ground Zero. Well, I can. What I can’t belive is how obscenely misguided so many people are on the topic, and that some of the statements made by one of the worst Presidents ever are correct, yet being shredded to bits.

Look… Everything about the planned mosque is stupid, misguided, and couldn’t be more provocative if it were intended thus. It probably is. The location. The name. The size. The press. The one-sided appeal to tolerance.

It is right to feel strongly about that.

However, it is not acceptable by any stretch to attempt to get government authorities at any level to stop it from being built. Period.

Being annoyed by it, sure. Calling for it and in your wildest dreams having any expectation of it being prevented, that is about as wrong as it gets. Protesting? Sure. To try to persuade the folks behind it that it’s a PR nightmare… assuming that their goal is not to be offensive. Using government power? No. It would be wrong even if it were constitutional.


It goes both ways.

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